Market Street Grill

88% love it
Dive into Salt Lake's seafood destination
Market Street Grill has been a seafood staple in downtown SLC for many years. With a children's menu available, it can be a great place for the family to grab a bite.


      AUTAHBEAR4LTR Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Its a good place, but a bit of snobbery, maybe because its upper crust clients ,kinda pricey

    • gayfamilyvalues
      gayfamilyvalues Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Surf & Turf great place all types of people.
      When I moved to SLC years ago I never would have believed there was a place like Market Street in Utah. The place reminds me of New York and Seattle restaurants in other major cities. This place has great food, of all types, an excellent selection of wines and liquors and you don�t need a membership. Very diverse atmosphere and you won�t feel out of place if you�re a gay couple because people are there to eat and socialize and not criticize.