Sun Trapp Formerly: The Trapp

85% love it
Welcoming local bar
This wood-paneled bar offers cheap beer served in mason jars and has a little country music jukebox.


    • I used to come here for the longest time and I really enjoyed it. I've had some better experiences here as a white person, compared to some of my friends where I've witness some unfortunately racist behavior from the actual staff. Once a friend that went with me was wearing a shirt that said "Black Queer Magic" the bouncer at the door looked at them and said "Black Dicks Matter!" which is really not cute. On that same night, one of the staff ripped off my friends head wrap thinking it was funny. If you have been around you know that this behavior is really racially insensitive. The staff has also been incredibly transphobic: they've implemented a bathroom policy requiring you to use the "right" restroom. And some visibly trans patrons have been told to wear less "revealing" clothing. That revealing clothing policy has never been brought up with non-trans people. These people have had good music, and I've met great people there, but those experiences have led me to no longer go there, and it's on a few internal lists of "unsafe" for trans people, particularly of color.

    • Yvrnw
      Yvrnw Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Ignorant and rude bartenders
      Rude bartenders who don't know even basic liquors.

    • slick45
      slick45 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Salt Lake City's gay Social Club
      Let me say that after several years living aboard and in the States, Salt Lake City has one of the best Gay social club in the Sun Trapp. From the owner Frank, to the numerous gorgeous bar captains, such as ( Johnny Disco, Mike, Riley, Steve, Trapper, Tim to name a few) you feel welcomed and the local gay community are quite warm and inviting. When you all plan on visiting SLC you must check out the Trapp. Sunday's offer a GREAT barbeque for a some fee with real home cooking which helps out many good and worthy causes with the proceeds. Stop by and Have a long island!!

    • michaelmt1009
      michaelmt1009 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      first time
      This was my first time in SLC, had a difficult time following directions. Finally found Sun Trap entered was greeted very nicely by the doorman. Sat at the bar and was not even given so much as a hello mostly got what do you want, got my drink , tried to make conversation with the bartender but he was just consumed with himself and the other bartender. I walked around the bar and was checking out the back area where was a band playing and lots of people outside, I walked through the door and was immediately approached by an older woman who told me in no uncertain terms that it was a private party and I needed to leave. I apologized and said that it was my first time in the bar and I was just checking it out. I got no response from her just an hand on my arm and a push towards the door. Went back to the bar ordered another drink from an different bartender but got the same lack of enthusiasm from him too. Apparently they do not like new people in their place. I finished my drink and walked out the door. Once again the doorman thanked me for coming in and wished me a good night. Perhaps they should put him behind the bar because at least he had a pleasant personality and understood customer service. I have to return to SLC in a few weeks but I will consider spending my time or money at this unfriendly club.

    • AlexMilller
      AlexMilller Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Sun Trapp bar
      The bar tenders are extremely rude and have bitchy attitudes. They have extremely slow service the bar tenders were eating while serving drinks. I was standing at the bar for ten minutes waiting to be served they don't even have a bathroom they have out houses for a bathroom I would never ever recommend that bar to any one or go there again

    • jphillip.wilkes
      jphillip.wilkes Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Drug Ridden and Clicky
      I have never seen so many people doing cocaine in a bathroom in my life! If you're from out of town or of obvious non-US ethnic origin, expect to be shunned or insulted.

    • xyzpdq12
      xyzpdq12 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      not impressed with the new bar
      Went to the opening of the sun trapp and the place is cleaner but the back bar is poorly designed. All of the alcohol is 15 feet away from the lines so the bartenders run to the back to get anything they need. They helped their friends first and didn't tend the 2 lines - which didn't have any room to form with the tables a few feet away from them.

    • JackAndy
      JackAndy Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Not so good!
      Little bar, mostly older regulars. Lots of obvious drug use going on. Especially in the bathrooms and if you are not model material nearly impossible to get waited on!

    • dinomc
      dinomc Over a year ago
      Loves it

      My favorite club, love the bartenders and great patrons.

    • VOTGRacer
      VOTGRacer Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Local and Love IT
      Lived here in SLC for 5 years and its my favorite bar. Great patio during the summer and cheapest drinks in town. The bartenders are great and FAST- no need to wait in lines :) not the kind of bar I take my mom but its just the beat casual place to grab drinks and not feel overwhelmed.

    • MuscleLovernOKC
      MuscleLovernOKC Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great local hangout.
      We went here Friday night and had a great time. Got crowded around 11pm and we found people to be very friendly. We played several games of pool with some guys who friended us. Definitely recommend.

    • walmartah
      walmartah Over a year ago
      Loves it

      The Trapp SLC LGBT and neighborhood bar All are welcome over age 21
      Always a casual fun time with great HOUSE Music by DJ "D" and friendly bartenders. The club has usually no cover charge unless special events. Sunday buffets at 4pm and BBQ's weather permitting great local cooks. Mason Jar huge cold beers on tap. Always reasonably priced alcohol and non alcoholic drinks. It is a fun older bar to pick up younger sexy guys! It is a nice place to meet a mixture of different ages of people from 21 and older. It is a casual fun place and always a good time. I started going there in 1998. Close to downtown hotels and venues. An inexpensive cab ride from anywhere in downtown SLC. I highly recommend the incredible customer service of Bar Tender Santos and Johnny Disco. The bar is divided in sections and has a historic western theme. The music is definitely modern after about 9pm and is usually music videos and live dj on weekends.

    • Comfortable place with good people
      I usually only go on Fridays for Darts .. but the staff is always friendly, and the folks there are too. It's not really a "club" so those that expect that kind of atmosphere won't probably be to happy or comfortable here. It's more of a neighborhood bar to hang out with friends have a few drinks, and just relax.

    • kgb_boi
      kgb_boi Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Older but very nice crowd
      I may not be into older guys. But I have always been friends with older gents. I also love country music. This place was among the nicest places for a quick drink and a good conversation.

    • SnopI
      SnopI Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Friendly Bartender
      Still on our long road trip, we had a nite in SLC. Being part of the "over 50 crowd" we thought this would be the best selection. The Bartender was very cordial; the crowd was, on a weekday nite, rather large, I thought. Some in the crowd gave us some sort of "new cock" arrival yell - which I thought was rather - - interesting. I would go back.